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Why a Website?

New Image is a Web development company located in South Africa. We specialize in all things web related, from small, simple websites to large enterprise ready SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

Need a simple website to point your customers to all your product related information? Yeah, we do that...

Have a large employee base that need to check in sales orders, or perform tasks on the road via a mobile telephone, while receiving instructions from head office instantly? Not a problem... We will build it for you.

Any project, big or small, we will take it on... We thrive on tackling new challenges. The WWW is a ultra dynamic environment, and we attribute our skill to our willingness to push the bounds of our knowledge. New techniques and standards are being developed everyday, and it is our goal to push the limit of posibility in order to achieve our clients objectives.

Our products are built around web standards See W3C Organization and accepted web technologies/methodologies making our solutions portable and available on a greater number of platforms.

So, what do we have to offer?

Are you a small/Medium size business owner looking for exposure?

Are you tired of losing business to your competition because potential clients are attracted by "the other guy's" professional approach to business. Need to get that crucial exposure to your products and services?

A website can 'talk' for you when you are not available... Plus a good website will do the job of a sales representative, and can provide your clients with valuable information 24/7... Plus a website does not pester you about working overtime and performance incentives!

We can provide you with a basic website startup plan, or a more complex customized solution that takes your business onto the web in ways you never before imagined!

Does your business require a dynamic approach to supporting key people and processes?

Is your business's success starting to become it's own worst enemy? As a business grows it starts to put pressure on key decision makers as well as those business practices that only tried and tested experience can provide.

Remenber that guy in that department, who left the company, taking with him years of valuable experience at your expense? Do you have a record of what problems he solved and how he solved them? Are your employees effectively sharing their knowledge with the new guy preventing him from having to re-solve problems that have been experienced in the past?

Do your managers know what there subordinates are working on and where?

Are your projects being managed in a timely manner, keeping all stakeholders in the loop, while assigning tasks to employees instantly and recieving valuable feedback regarding their assignments?

The Web has matured into a valuable environment that has the power to support your business processes from anywhere in the world, giving your clients and employees a support infrastructure that is extremely dynamic and can be taylored to your unique business requirements.